How much the spam costs to your organization?
Number of employees   employees
Average annual wage
Number of received emails / employee   emails / day
% of received emails which are unwanted   %

Here are the hidden costs of the spam in your organization

Waste of productivity
  • By sorting spam, each employee wastes annually,(calculation base: about 5 seconds/spam))
  • hours
  • Let us add the impact of temptation/employee/year estimated to
    (calculation base: 20 minutes waste of time for 1 spam over 1,000 )

  • hours
  • GLOBAL annual waste of time/employee
  • hours
  • This involves an annual hiddent cost which is estimated to

  • Computing cost
  • Spam transmission and storage involve a cost per employee which is etimated to (calculation base: 0.01€/spam)
  • This involves an annual additional cost which is estimated to

  • Spam costs in your organization

    Green impact
  • co² consumption/year by the organization (calculaiton base: 0,3 gco2/spam. source ICF International)
  • gCo2
  • Equivalent to a gas consumption of (calculaiton base: 1liter of gas = 2,3 kg de co2 source
  • liters of gas consumed
  • Equivalent to a number of return flights from Paris to Marseille
  • Return flights