Corporate news February the 17th , Vade Retro opened a new subsidiary in San Francisco

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Your mailbox is overloaded? Find out how Paul succeeds in managing his mailbox with Vade Retro
Vade Retro Technology Protecting more than hundreds of millions of e-mailboxes worldwide, we are the messaging system specialist against all unwanted messages. Read more
Too many graymails in your mailbox? We detect and classify 100% of non-priority emails
for you!

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Vade Retro Development Kit Operators, Provide your customers an email service fast, secure and reliable. Read more
Just unsubscribe from graymails! Discover now our new and exclusive 'safe unsubscribe' feature to manage your graymails.

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  • With the desire to provide ever more innovative solutions to
    our customers, we are pleased to integrate the Vade Retro protection within our messaging infrastructure."

    Pierre Ourdouillé
  • We are delighted to have chosen Vade Retro Cloud to protect our messaging system. The solution is efficient and the anti graymail filter is just fabulous!"

    C Juillac
    Compagnie du Chauffage
  • We oriented our choice for a solution developed by Vade Retro Technology: Vade Retro is a specialist in email protection and
    we do not want other things"

    Patrice Renaudineau
    Nantes Métropole
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