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Your users were free of graymail that now clogs 75% of their inboxes?

Be innovative Precise graymail filtering


Your users could delete all their unsolicited email in 1 click ...safely and forever?

Be smart Precise graymail filtering


Your new graymail system could be up and running tomorrow?

Be competitive Precise graymail filtering
When security meets convenience
How it works
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Our offerings adapt to your needs

For ISPs

Provide premium features to your subscribers and optimize your bandwidth and storage... thanks to Graymail Classification.

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Integrate our technologies in your portfolio as white label software and provide premium features to your customers.

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For Corporate

Free your users from the daily clean-up of bulk mail. Your team can focus instead on the business at hand.

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Much more than an anti-spam
Graymail Classification chart

Graymail classification

We detect and classify email for you and for your customers. The engine is so innovative that it is able to differentiate transactional email from commercial email. You can choose how to sort email according to your needs.

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Safe Unsubscribe

Safe unsubscribe is the second step of the virtuous circle to eliminate unwanted email. The more you unsubscribe the less you have to manage your Graymail.

Be smart
Safe unsubscribe statistics

Smart Heuristic filter

Heuristic filter

We are the only vendor to provide these cutting edge technologies on a legacy of email security: this gives Vade Retro a unique advantage identifying Graymail. The heuristic filter has proven that's it's the best filtering engine on the market, with 99.99% accuracy in email content detection and less than 0.001% in false positives. It is proven to identify threats before other players on the market. Now that's being competitive!

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